Your network.
Anytime. Anywhere.

Unified remote visibility and control with the NETGEAR Insight management solution

NETGEAR Insight: Network Management
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Introducing the new IT revolution for small businesses

With 20 years of experience in small & medium business networking, NETGEAR is now delivering network connectivity that “just works” at your fingertips.

Mobile-first network management

NETGEAR Insight: One Touch Setup
one-touch setup

Easy installation, no need for an IT expert

NETGEAR Insight: One Touch Monitoring
one-touch monitoring

Remote monitoring anytime, anywhere

NETGEAR Insight: One Touch Management
one-touch management

Manage your network from the palm of your hand

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Remote management from any screen, small or large

All the setup, monitoring and management features available through the Insight app are now also available through the Insight Cloud portal. With a larger screen real estate, users will have a single-pane view of all their devices and their locations in an intuitive interface.

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Always-on visibility and control

NETGEAR Insight enables cross-device network configuration of your NETGEAR Insight Managed Switches, Wireless Access Points, and ReadyNAS Network Storage either locally or remotely.

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Integrated device management from anywhere

Advanced Smart Cloud Switches
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High-performance, high-coverage Access Points
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Reliable Business-Class Network Storage
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Take full control of your network

Unified wired/wireless network management

Unrivaled user experience, remote access and multi-device configuration

Instant discovery of your Insight Managed Switches, APs, and ReadyNAS Network Storage (and select other NETGEAR Business-class devices)

Remote/Cloud network monitoring and management

No additional Cloud controller, appliance, network manager, or PC/server is necessary

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One app, one view, one touch

  • One-step product registration
  • Unified view of all Business devices
  • 24/7 instant access to support
  • Easily find relevant documentation
  • Useful updates & product information
  • Easy access to guided assistance

Your network. Anytime. Anywhere.

Device and network management from any device with the NETGEAR Insight management solution

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Your network. Anytime. Anywhere