Welcome to the New School of Wireless.

Digital textbooks. Online homework, tools, and classrooms. Guest access networks for parents and district staff. And high-speed, reliable WiFi makes it all go. NETGEAR Access Points and Wireless Controllers have helped countless schools meet the new challenge and opportunity for teaching and learning in today's schools. Simple, affordable, and proven wireless solutions that make connected learning easier and available for all. 

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The Access to LEARN MORE

A recent Forrester report confirms that providing faculty and students with access to school resources regardless of where they are located is the top priority for IT decision makers in education today. 

In the new wireless world of Education, new technologies and devices are changing what going to school really means. Online learning has exploded. New online tools are built every day. New initiatives like “1 laptop to 1 student” are driving the deeper integration of technology into learning schools and students. And for every child, teacher, and parent, smart, easy to deploy, and secure wireless technology is critical for that access.

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What Schools Need from Wireless

Despite the tremendous demands multiple devices, online tools, virtual classrooms, and 100s of clients put on the school network, many schools have no dedicated IT staff, limited budgets, and many non-technical staff and volunteers. So wireless solutions must solve the specific challenges faced in the educational environment and provide basic features (guest access, 2 SSID, WPA2-PSK, seamless roaming), reliable, high speed Wi-Fi, easy installation and configuration, and the ability to handle medium to high usage (100s of clients).

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How Schools Can Pass the BYOD Test

Today. classrooms and campuses are flooded with devices. Every morning, students, teachers, administrators, and parents bring their own smartphones, tablets, and laptops to school. Managing all those devices is a top priority for schools and there are numerous platforms available to meet those demands. Download the BYOD White Paper to learn best practices for enabling BYOD in Education.

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The NETGEAR Difference for Education

NETGEAR Access Points and Wireless Controllers give schools a powerful, cost-effective wireless solution that can fulfill the promise of connected learning simply and quickly. With NETGEAR Education Solutions, schools gain lower Total Cost of Ownership for size of deployment (5-20 AP), a simple web-based UI for easy management, and access, Partner support and planning, and a full portfolio of Access Points and Wireless Management Controllers.

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