Tri-band WiFi Technology by NETGEAR Enjoy faster and consistent WiFi speeds throughout your business.

The Orbi Pro Tri-band Superhighway

With NETGEAR patented Tri-band WiFi technology, Orbi Pro establishes a dedicated backhaul connection that helps maximize internet speeds for 4K streaming and connections to multiple devices.


Daisy Chain Networking

Daisy Chain your Orbi Pro Satellites to extend the coverage of your Orbi Pro WiFi System range. This feature allows the Satellite to dynamically pick the best way to connect to the Router.


Wired or Wireless, Orbi Pro has you covered

Use the Ethernet ports on the Router and the Satellite to connect your Point of Sale, printer, IP phones, digital billboard and more.


Insight App

Manage your Orbi Pro directly from your phone with the NETGEAR Insight app®

Use the app to quickly set up and have full visibility of your WiFi networks.


Get WiFi for your business in just a few steps.

View connected devices instantly.

Conveniently control your Business WiFi network from anywhere.

NETGEAR Community and Support

Have questions about this product or any other Orbi products? Ask our community or get help from our expert support team.