VDSL, ADSL, and Fiber Gateways: Meeting the high-bandwidth, high-quality media demand.

As operators look to deliver high bandwidth HD video, online gaming and a broad range of devices simultaneously to their subscribers, they need to get more of their legacy systems to keep up. NETGEAR has the gateways, innovation and service to expand your service offerings with new, high-performance solutions.

Multi-purpose ADSL2+ and FTTH Voice Gateways: Adds new power and flexibility to Service Provider customer networks.

NETGEAR ADSL Gateways combine an ADSL2+ modem, router, Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) connectivity via secondary GigE WAN port, 10/100 LAN switch, 802.11n access point, firewall & VoIP telephony. Featuring real time QoS and high-speed 802.11n WiFi, NETGEAR ADSL Gateways enable rapid large file downloads and real time media playback of high quality digital movies, photos, and music. Simple to use, they plug direction into an ADSL2+ line or a Gigabit Ethernet WAN link. The integrated voice features can be utilized via analog telephones. 

D2200D ADSL Gateway


802.11n ADSL gateway offers high-end quality and reliability in an economical solution
The NETGEAR D2200D is a single WAN 802.11n ADSL gateway platform that offers operators a highly cost-effective solution with the NETGEAR quality, reliability, ease-of-use and best-in-class performance they expect.
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Advanced VDSL gateway with vectoring and AC1600 simultaneous dual-band WiFi

The VEGN2610 is a dual-WAN gateway platform offering performance and flexibility for the operator environment with multiple WAN and LAN technologies.

  • Supports the full range of band plans enabling deployments in residential, business and MDU environments
  • Supports VDSL and Fiber applications, network upgrade, failover and service transition
  • Enables deployment in ADSL today and a seamless upgrade to VDSL. Supports the highest speed based on configuration and line condition
  • Deliver multiple high speed streams, support very high speed LAN-LAN traffic for on-premises content distribution

VDSL Wireless Gateway


Super-fast wired WAN, wired and wireless LAN broadband connectivity with USB.

The NETGEAR VEGN2610-1BEGES single pair VDSL wireless gateway provides service providers and their customers with dual band, dual concurrent WiFi connections and USB for printer sharing and network attached storage.

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Dual WAN VDSL Gateway


Advanced Gateway with channel bonding and enabled vectoring.

The NETGEAR VEGN2620 is a dual-WAN gateway platform offering performance and flexibility for the operator environment with multiple WAN and LAN technologies.

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Service Enablement Gateway


Combining Channel Bonding with g.vector and 802.11ac WiFi

The Service Enablement Gateway delivers VDSL, channel bonding and g.vector to enable more access bandwidth to home and small business locations. With features that deliver maximum bandwidth in the WAN and LAN, these new platforms enable expanded service delivery with support for HD IPTV, IP voice, and high-availability Internet.

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VDSL Dual WAN AC1600 Wireless Gateway


Advanced VDSL gateway with bonding, vectoring and AC1600  

The NETGEAR VEVG3000 is a dual-WAN gateway that maximizes both performance and flexibility for the operator environment utilizing multiple WAN and LAN technologies.

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